Lead Artist

The Lead Artist is key at establishing the overall vision of the universe, working with the Creative Director, the Concept Artist team and Lead Designer you will create imagery that will communicate the visual experience, excite the team and help blueprint all the aspects of the game for content authoring.
He/she should bring a world class understanding of composition and color, a strong ability to render exciting original design and a firm grasp of the practical aspects of content creation.

Minimum requirements

Previous experience in a SIMILAR position at a Videogame company.
Flexibility adapting to different art styles.
Exceptional communication and organization skills.
Ability to work collaboratively – must be open to direction and able to embrace change.

If you feel you are the candidate, please send you CV to jobs@tequilaworks.com, with the following subject: LEAD ARTIST – YOUR NAME


Communication with other areas like Production, Design or Code.
Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the game universe and the constraints of the technology.
Communicate the vision agreed with the Creative Director to the whole Art department and keep loyal to that vision.
Be proactive about seeking feedback and communication with other relevant departments.
Assist the Concept Artists and other Senior Artists in providing studio feedback during the course of production.
Participate in regular team meetings.
Organize tasks and take care pipelines and naming convention are respected.