Senior animator

Minimum requirements

+5 years’ experience working in video game industry and having experienced the whole cycle of development from concept to release.
Excellent creative vision that can be channeled and adapted to any type of game.
Extensive experience using Unreal Ed.
Extensive experience using Blueprints.
Strong verbal, written and organizational skills.
Resourcefulness in problem-solving with a user focused approach
A working knowledge of standard industry game engines, design toolsets and production pipelines.

Desired requirements

Be a creative and resourceful problem solver that proactively communicates design goals and can operate and collaborate to the highest standard within the team structure.
Have an open-minded approach to design and display the ability to challenge convention. They will be forward thinking and have the flexibility to research and undertake any game as required.
Take complete design responsibility of the project and guide it through to completion – seeking out, evaluating and implementing feedback from all relevant sources to constantly improve and refine the title.
Broad knowledge of entertainment experiences, social gaming and game industry in general.
Ability to mock up rough art and storyboards and or experimental code for prototyping a plus.


Ensure that the final product quality meets the high expectations.
Understand and support the development from scratch following our creative vision and offering creative solutions and ideas.
Work effectively with the Creative Director, Art Director and any other key leads to determine project design specifications and to ensure successful product execution.
Evangelize, present and communicate the level design status of the project to the rest of the team.
Contribute with innovative and creative design ideas for the levels.
Create a amazing gameplay experience with the core game mechanics and the creative vision of the game.
Guide the level from the concept until the final polish.
Ensure a memorable gameplay working together with others departments like Art or Narrative among others.

Collaborate with Game Designers of define and tweak the game mechanics.
As the project progresses, integrate the new content of the other departments like sound, AI, gameplay mechanics, etc..
Evaluate the gameplay with the rest of the team for get a feedbacks and suggestions for improve and fine tune the game.
Locate and fix bugs in your level and the others levels designers.
Support the Lead Level Designer in any tasks and duties