Ana Domingo


''La excelencia es, en mayor medida, la perpetua y desconsolada búsqueda de lo que nunca fuimos y jamás llegaremos a ser'' - Maki

Previously in…
Shards of Hope.

Tasks in Tequila Works
To make art, to do artist stuff, to participate in the creative process in all its disciplines, and to paint and give color.

Good at …
Pet all dogs I see, being fun, to complete all the side quest before the main one, to be healder in WoW and above all, to cook ramen.

Bad at…
Replying to WhatsApp messages, not crying at the cinema, remembering what I was gonna say at that moment and to choose between two options.

A character
Skullknight (Berserk).

A game
Dark Souls III and Silent Hill 2.