We just landed, but can’t wait to share with you some of our best moments in Boston.

Sean Murray (Hello Games, Joe Danger: The Movie), Niklas Wennersten (Tequila Works, Deadlight), Bryn Davies (Lionhead Studios, Fable Heroes), Patrick Perkins (Microsoft Studios), Ted Timmins (Lionhead, Fable Heroes), Raúl Rubio (Tequila Works, Deadlight), Lucas González (Tequila Works, Deadlight).
2012.04.11 A lion_tequila

Meet supermegaawesome Dean Dodrill and his masterpiece, Dust.

2012.04.11 B dust

Deadlight on the Official XBOX Magazine.

2012.04.11 C official xbox magazine

Fable Heroes and Deadlight showing off their muscles.

2012.04.11 Ddev_muscle

Deadlight on Electronic Gaming Monthly.

2012.04.11 EElectronic Gaming Monthly 01

Dangerous hordes willing to play Deadlight.

2012.04.11 Fxbla_stand