How is your typical day at Tequila Works?
It depends on the agenda. We prepare it the day before. We start the daily at 10:30 am then we continue with some meetings throughout the morning normally urgent topics.  In the afternoon we usually have important but not urgent meetings scheduled previously, also follow up the external people who are working with us (we have many in Tequila), and various production topics (human resources issues, weekly meetings with a department or milestones, etc. etc. )

What are you working on at the moment?
I can’t talk about it, sorry.

What’s the part of your job you enjoy more?
When all goes well, people forget that you exist but you’ve helped make that happen.

And the part you enjoy least?
When I see workers who prioritize their interests against those of the project and the group, because it tends to undermine the rest of the team.

What was the best moment you had in Tequila Works?
The launching of The Invisible Hours The game has been very well received by critics and the moment when you can see it in the stores of Spain and other countries is amazing.

If you could work in something else, what would you do?
Programmer or game designer maybe. But I can also see myself in something that is not related to the gaming sector.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
A classic. I think I would choose to fly. Or read the minds (very convenient for my work)

What game would you take with you to a desert island?
Civilization. Y si tuviera internet, el WOW

If you could be one animal, which animal would you be?
A dog