Meet the Hellworkers: Miguel Paniagua

How is your typical day at Tequila Works?

I arrive at 9am, and share some breakfast with other team members. Then, I answer emails and check the tasks in the calendar –some days, I have up to 5 meetings I need to attend.

At 10am we hold the daily meeting with all the team, where all the tasks for the day are discussed. I always try to remain impartial at every meeting I attend. The creative side is the job of the Art and Design Departments, and Code is responsible for making everything work. In Production, we ensure that decisions are reached and try to give a realistic view to the wildest ideas.

– What are you working on at the moment?

I am focused now in Rime’s pipeline and in the hiring process, while Remy, our executive producer, is taking care of the long term planning. I am also supervising the game features’ meetings, involving cinematics, animations, mechanics, etc., making sure all the tasks are clear for everybody.

– What’s the part of your job you enjoy most?

As a producer, I have a global vision of the project, and I really enjoy seeing how all the different departments interact –Art, Design and Code need to communicate in order to reach a common goal and maintain our high quality standards.

And the part you enjoy least?

Having to pursue people and make them use Redmine, or having to remind someone to complete a task.

– What are you playing at the moment, or what game are you eager to play?

I will try not to sound as a fanboy, but I have requested holidays in order to play Fallout 4 without interruptions…

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