The Senior Producer is vital to oversee the pipeline, scheduling, asset managing, build processes and QA of the whole game. He/she will work closely with Creative Director and General Manager in budgeting, scheduling, identifying process risks, problem solving as well as communicating with both, internal team and publishing partners. He/she and will use his or her experience on the front lines to improve efficiencies, communication and quality.
The Producer functions as a main hub of information between the Artists, Programmers, Designers, Management and the rest of the studio. Maintains calendar, schedules appointments and department meetings. Prepares and provides accurate and up-to-the-minute report to Management to ensure a tight delivery schedule and accurate overall production schedule.

Minimum requirements

• Must be passionate about both, game development and production roles.
• Strong understanding of MS Office Programs.
• Ability to multi-task various priorities and deadlines in a fast, paced, high pressure environment.
• Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Verbal and written ability to communicate accurately, tactfully, conveying competency, helpfulness and support.
• Bachelor’s degree in Game, Film, Art, Engineering or related field or equivalent work experience required.
• High level of English, both written and spoken.
• Experienced of working at least on one game title from production to launch
• Excellent project management skills
• Experienced in creating schedules and pipelines
• Able to prioritizes effectively
• Proactivity
• Excellent collaboration and problem solving skills
• Able to solve complex problems
• Shows strong interest regarding team development and the well- being of team members.

Desired requirements

• Agile/Scrum process experience is a plus.
• Other languages.


Provides pertinent information to the team such as milestone schedule, deliverables, reference materials, documentation, etc.
• Assists the team as needed for any given task.
• Monitors the team´s daily progress with regular check- ins and meetings to ensure work is on schedule.
• Alerts Supervisors and Management of any serious issues which might impact the production schedule.
• Maintains constant communication between various departments of the studio with regards to the specific needs of the game. Tracks received production elements (Asset Tracking).
• Primary point person for organising dailies, reviews for the different departments.
• Takes clear and accurate notes at all meetings, dailies and reviews, and disseminates these notes in a timely manner to all necessary parts.
• Maintains and updates Crew Lists and monitoring. Provide input for performance reviews.
• Lead the team towards delivering the project with high quality
• Maintain a good standard of commitment and team motivation to create a great work environment
• Create the plans and ensure the delivery on time, at the required quality.
• Determine human resources needs, set up and follow up on the hiring and assignment plans.
• Identify risks and plan for mitigation in order to reduce impact on the content, schedule and quality.