Recently we’ve moved to a brand new office and already there isn’t room for all of us!

Today we will dress up in order to proudly welcome Pablo “Wayfa” Fernández (3D&Shader Wizard), Tatiana Delgado (Design Director), Manuel “Senti” Mendiluce (Senior Level Designer), Alfonso Comín (Knight of the Code), César “Kaesar” Martínez (World Builder), Abel Oroz (Art Director), Juan San Miguel (Lead Programmer), Jordi Carazo (Lord of Unreal), Manami Imai (Associate Producer), Luis Belerique (World Builder), Amaia Markuleta (Producer), Lucas González (Designer) y José Luis Vaello (Artistic Living Legend). Hello!

How much talent concentrated! Together they have more than 75 years of experience in comic, games, cinema and publicity. They have worked in projects like Terminator: Salvation, Pocoyó, Wanted, Planet 51, Castlevania… and many have worked together already. What a luxury!